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PlayStation 4 Repairs

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We offer PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro repair solutions for the many problems you may have with your PS4. We are specialised in microsoldering repairs of motherboard, we repair routinely PS4s that needs a new HDMI port, showing no picture on the TV, broken connectors and traces and much more.

No fix no fee, if we can’t fix your PS4 we won’t charge you a penny.

All our motherboard repairs comes with lifetime warranty.

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HDMI port fix
Is you HDMI port socket damaged, don’t worry we can fix it for you, sometimes the damage is internally which can’t be seen from outside. usually takes 1-3 days £60

No Image? Damaged HDMI Port?
So your HDMI port socket is not damage, but still you are not getting any image on the TV while your PS4 is turned on? We will diagnose your PS4 free of charge and fix it in no time £90-£100.

BluRay Drive Repair Solutions
Is your BluRay Drive not working, stuck or not accepting your game or DVD. You probably have some internal damage to the drive, motherboard damage or need a new BluRay drive installed. Let us diagnose it for free and quote you accordingly

Loud and Overheating Repair Solutions
Is your PS4 loud with noisy fan spin and overheating in many cases both, we will diagnose your PS4 free of charge and quote you accordingly.

Is Your PS4 Not Turning On?
Is your PS4 completely dead no sign of life? You most likely have an issue with the power supply, we can fix it for you

Blue Light of Death
Do you have blue light of death, there is many reason why you are getting the blue light of death, some are fixable and others are not, we will diagnose your PS4 free of charge and get back to you accordingly before we start the repair.

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