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Samsung (Android) Phone Repairs

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We offer Samsung and Android repair solutions for the many problems you may have with your device. We are specialised in microsoldering repairs of logic board/ motherboard, we repair routinely Android phones that won’t charge, have no backlight, have a blank screen, broken connectors and traces and much more.

Android phones comes in various shape and forms, from many different manufacturer it is impossible for us to stock screen replacement to cover them all, and there are so many screens on the market and most of them to be honest are rubbish. As our main focus is motherboard level repairs, we are only doing motherboard repairs for android phones, if you still insist we change your screen you can contact us.

No fix no fee, if we can’t fix your Android phone we won’t charge you a penny.

All our logic board repairs come with lifetime warranty.

If your problem is not listed please request a free quote nowprices below are estimates only, request your quote for the actual repair prices.

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Samsung Galaxy

Hardware repair solutions

  • Charging port £30-£60
  • Back rear glass repairs £40-55
  • Front camera £20-50
  • Loudspeaker and earpiece speaker £30-45
  • Power, volume and other buttons £35-50
  • Wireless charging repairs £30-45

Motherboard repair solutions

  • In frame charge port repairs £45-£60
  • No power repairs £65-£120
  • No backlight or no image repairs £55-£80
  • No touch repairs £50-£80
  • No sound £50-80
  • Searching/No service repairs £60-£85
  • Not charging repairs £45-£80
  • FPC connector (Damaged connector) repairs £45-70
  • No wifi/ Weak wifi repairs £50-£85
  • Data Recovery £150-£210 , we offer chip off data recovery, please read more here

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