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We understand the importance of your device and data. We work hard to repair and deliver your device as fast as possible.

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We are a small but committed repair shop based in London, UK. We specialize in microsoldering logic board repairs and data recovery. We love to interact with our customers and go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied with our services. [Click here to read more…]


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You contact us, we will help you and estimate a price for your specified repairs, please request a quote. When your device gets to us, we will do our full diagnostic protocol on your device, all our diagnostics are free of charge. When your device is ready to be repaired we will contact you with all the details, so you have nothing to worry about.

Please fill the form request a repair, we will respond back with an estimate and shipping instruction.

Usually 1-7 days, if it should take longer, we will contact you.

You can pay with paypal, bank transfer, or cash whatever is convenient for you.

We offer 3-month warranty for our repairs. If your warranty period has run out please contact us.

Please make sure to check: services, request a quote, about us, contact us or you can contact us via inbuilt website chat, email or give us a call if you need more information.

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